Saturday night my friend Heather held her annual Halloween party. Usually it’s a joint effort between her and her roommate, but Julie is literally off sailing around the world as one of the librarians on Semester at Sea right now so it was all Heather this year. There is always a theme to the parties and you are encouraged to dress according to the theme, though that is not a requirement only coming in costume is. This year’s theme was Halloween-Con i.e. come dressed as something you would dress up as if you were going to a comic con. Heather planned on being Inara from Firefly and wanted to get a contingent of people together to round out the rest of the cast of characters. I will admit I am somewhat bah humbug on Halloween as an adult. I dislike spending a lot of time and/or money on a Halloween costume I am only going to wear once, especially since I no longer get to come home with a large bag of candy (plus a few pencils or toothbrushes from the lame people) at the end of the night. I figured it would be fairly cheap and easy to put together a Kaylee costume so I jumped at that. I easily found an appropriate shirt and coveralls. Heather kindly helped me with the sewing needed to take the sleeves off the coveralls and add the patches by which I mean she did it while I watched.

We managed to get most of the cast, but didn’t quite make it. Our Zoe dropped out at the last minute as she had something come up and couldn’t make it to the party. We never got anyone to play Shepherd Book. I’m still giving my husband a hard time about that one because he would not be a team player and do it. He went the lame way out and created a brain slug from Futurama to attach to his head. I say lame both because it meant he wasn’t really wearing a costume and because his stubbornness meant we were short a character.

No matter. We still had an awesome contingent with the cutest little Captain Mal ever!

costumed Kaylee and Captain Tightpants
Kaylee and the cutest Captain Tightpants ever!
Costumed as characters from Firefly
Firefly characters

The party also gave me a good excuse to break back out my Booze Cakes cookbook. It’s been awhile since I baked anything out of it. I figured it was a great opportunity since there were going to be a minimal number of kids at the party. I decided to try out the rum cake recipe. It was delicious. Seriously you can’t go wrong with this cookbook. Rum cake


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