New Tables

This post is for my friend Alison who upon seeing the new coffee table in our house on Tuesday night was afraid it wasn’t making me happy since I hadn’t blogged about it yet. Never fear Alison, my new tables are making me happy.

As you may recall, a few months ago my husband and I purchased new sofas. I wanted to get a new coffee table at the time as well since the one we had was a cheap one from Target that some of the finish had been scratched off on. Unfortunately, we didn’t see anything that we liked in the store where we bought our sofas. I finally dragged Paul out to look at coffee tables over Columbus Day weekend as we didn’t have anything planned and all the stores were having sales for the holiday weekend. I put together a list of stores and we went looking. I was starting to fear we weren’t going to find anything because it seemed like if I liked the style I didn’t like the wood color or vice versa. Finally at the last store on my list we found something that I liked and that Paul didn’t veto. Getting him to say whether he actually likes something or not is virtually impossible. I guess the bonus of not finding the tables until the last store was that I know I’m not missing anything better somewhere else.

We bought both a coffee table and a side table. I was super happy to find a side table that fit in the tiny space we have. Most side tables are much larger than that, and thus we previously had a TV tray sitting in that space. I measured it before we went shopping just in case, but wasn’t very hopeful. Thus I was super excited to see that the coffee table I liked had matching side tables in two different sizes, one of which was the same exact size as the TV tray I wanted to replace. I am also super in love with the drawer in the new coffee table. Now I can hide away all the cords and pens that were lying on the lower level of our old table as well as making them easier to get at by not burying them under piles of other junk.

Speaking of junk, don’t think my coffee table is usually this clean. I cleared off a bunch of clutter in order to take these pictures. Granted half the clutter is the 6 remotes we usually have sitting on top of the table. Also not pictured are the old coffee table and TV tray that are still sitting in the middle of my living room. If anyone wants a free coffee table let me know.

My only disappointment is that the matching TV stand in the collection would not work for us. The new tables are much darker wood than the old ones, so now the old TV stand really doesn’t match. I know I won’t find something that goes exactly, but I’m at least hoping I can find something in a similar wood color so that I can have at least one room in my house that looks like it belongs to an adult and isn’t furnished by IKEA.

Picture of a Coffee Table
New coffee table
Picture of a side table
New side table

Living room

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