The first time I ever heard of the London-based band Daughter was a few months ago. I was talking to my friend Lindsey and she was complaining that her brother wouldn’t quit bugging her about going with him to see them play at the 9:30 Club even though she had to work that night. I said I wasn’t familiar with the band. She was surprised, and told me that I would like them. Fast forward a couple days, and I was watching an episode of Covert Affairs. That show often has music that I like in it, so I wasn’t surprised to hear a song I liked over the scene where Annie and Auggie break up. I looked it up on Tunefind, and what do you know? It turns out it was the song Smother by Daughter. That gave me a good laugh. Turns out Lindsey was right. I do like that band.

Their music is hauntingly beautiful, but kind of depressing. It’s definitely not something to listen to if you’re looking for a pick me up. NPR just posted a lovely Tiny Desk Concert featuring Daughter that I highly encourage you to listen to. It’s what finally prompted me to write about Daughter here.

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