I’ve been thinking about writing a post about the website Tunefind for awhile now, then thinking no one wanted to read about a website, and then rethinking that this blog is about things that make me happy and the existence of this website makes me happy. So here we are. That is one really long run on sentence, but I’m too tired to figure out how to make it grammatically correct, and since it’s my blog I don’t have to. That makes me happy too.

Anyway, back to Tunefind. It’s no secret around these parts that I love both television and movies. In the last decade or so television has become a great way to discover new music. It’s almost rare these days for a show to not use music in some form or fashion. Some shows include lots of music. This is especially true of almost every show on the CW, but also other shows like Parenthood and shows that are no longer around like Chuck and Friday Night Lights. Other shows don’t incorporate music to that degree, but at least at some point may do something like a closing scene montage set to music.

Once upon a time if you heard a song somewhere and didn’t somehow hear what the song was it was probably an impossible task to find out what that song was. Then along came the internet and things got easier, and most of the time you could find out what a song was by picking up on the lyrics and Googling them. That was not always a foolproof plan though because with the music often playing in the background of a scene it can sometimes be hard to pick up on lyrics over the dialogue in a scene. Not to mention lyrics in general can be unintelligible in some songs. There is also the case where mostly what you’re getting is the instrumental part of a song, which is also something that is impossible to search for.

Now, however finding out what music played in an episode of a television show is so much easier than that thanks to existence of the website Tunefind, which lists the songs that were played in each episode along with a description of the scene they were playing over. A week almost never goes by that I don’t hear some song in a tv show that I’m looking up on Tunefind to find out what it was. I don’t even bother trying to figure out the songs on my own anymore. I just wait until the list of songs for that episode is posted on Tunefind and I’m all set to add the song to the running playlist I keep in Spotify of songs I’ve found via television shows. It’s brilliant, and I love it.


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