Hem: Tiny Desk Concert

Hey remember when I got to see a Tiny Desk Concert live? Well, NPR finally posted the video of the Tiny Desk Concert with Hem that I saw over three months ago, and as I long ago promised I’m posting it here. It’s just as lovely as I remember. I especially love the second song they sing, Tourniquet. They sang another song while I was there, but then decided they wanted to sing Seven Angelsfor the version that was going to go online so they added that at the end. It’s been so long I don’t remember what the other song was, but that along with some additional commentary was edited out of the final video. Now I wonder about all the stuff that was cut from other Tiny Desk Concerts. Anyway, this one is lovely. Enjoy it.


*Sorry that WordPress is dumb and only lets videos from a list of approved sites be embedded in posts, and NPR is not one of them which means I can only link to the video not embed it.

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