What’s Making Me Happy This Week

My friend Erin sometimes posts on Facebook her “Yeh List” for the week. I don’t have any one big thing to blog about, so here’s a list of some of the things making me happy this week. If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook you may have already seen some of these things there. Also some of these things have been well passed around the internet this week, which again means there’s a good chance you’ve already seen them. I’m sure manage to get over seeing these things more than once.

1. The seemingly neverending beautiful fall weather we’re having in Maryland right now. Mid-70s, sunny. Gorgeous. Keep it up Maryland.

2. A summer work project that came to fruition beautifully this week with the open house for our new adaptive technology lab. The open house went really well. Way more people came than I was expecting.

3. This chicken salad recipe from The Smitten Kitchen which I made for dinner on Wednesday night and have been eating for lunches since.

4. It’s TV premiere week. I still haven’t seen a lot of what’s been on yet as I don’t get a chance to watch much TV on Wednesdays and Thursdays and this season Thursdays are a traffic jam of TV. Plus there are still a few summer shows winding their way down so my schedule is extra full. I’ll post more about what I’m watching in a few weeks once I decide which new shows I’m actually going to stick with.

5. I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now but this video of a father and daughter singing “Tonight You Belong to Me” is beyond adorable.

6. There have been a lot of clips from this week’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon bouncing around the internet this week. I always love when they play songs on classroom instruments and this version of the Sesame Street theme along with the Muppets is wonderful.

7. Yesterday a Twitter pal offered up this story about a little boy who loves ballet to compete with the previously mentioned Jimmy Fallon Sesame Street video as the best thing she had seen all day. If your heart doesn’t melt into a giant puddle when you read the quote at the end, then you obviously have no heart.

8. I have a free ice cream cone coming to me from The Charmery, the local ice cream shop in my hood, which I think I’m going to redeem tonight. They’re debuting a new flavor called The Heisenberg in honor of The Breaking Bad finale this Sunday, which delights me even though I don’t think it’s a flavor I plan on ordering.

9. I just can’t get enough of Jason Isbell’s song Stockholm. Every time I hear it I fall in love with it all over again. In fact, the whole Southeastern album is fantastic.

10. This new song from the soundtrack, which from what I’ve seen looks to be amazing, for the Coen Brother’s upcoming movie, Inside Llewyn Davis. It’s a cover of the folk song “Fare Thee Well” by Marcus Mumford and Oscar Issac.

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