Songs I Love: Young Fathers by Typhoon

I don’t know what it is about horribly depressing songs with an upbeat sound that I love so much, but you can add Typhoon’s Young Fathers to the list. The Oregon based band is huge touring with anywhere from 10-14 band members depending on what period of time in the band’s history you’re talking about. I love sound that results. Even though the lyrics make one want to lay down in a hole and die because they make life sound so hopeless, the music itself is bright and cheery sounding especially with the little oohs and whistling in the background. Honestly the reason I love this song so much though is the final 20 seconds or so with the trumpets leading into them just kind of shout singing the last few lines with a great drum backing. I would happily just listen to those 20 seconds over and over again.

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