Songs I Love: The Perfect Life by Moby (with Wayne Coyne)

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t love this new Moby song more if I tried. I’ve never been a gigantic Moby fan, but there is something about this song that puts a huge grin on my face when I hear it. I haven’t really sought out any of Moby’s music beyond what has gotten some radio play like “Porcelain” and “Natural Blues” off his Play album. I’m pretty sure those are the only two of his songs I have ever had in my possession and that’s only because they came out during the Napster years. Sorry Moby. In all fairness there was no way for me to obtain those songs in that fashion legally back then as it was pre-iTunes. I promise I do my best to support artists I like now. I’ll make it up to you by buying this song because it is fantastic.

This song is everything I loved about “Natural Blues” but even better because it sounds joyful. Though let us focus on the uplifting melodies and chorus and not on the fact that at least half of it is very obviously about shooting heroin. We shall pay that no mind because that is not exactly happy. We’ll just let the music carry us away and forget about that part.

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