The Mysterious Hampden Beach

At some point over the summer these signs started appearing all over my neighborhood.

BP5tzHdCUAAMJ5Z.jpg-largeI was super curious about them because a). we live nowhere near any water or anything that could possibly be considered a beach and b). they didn’t seem to be connected to anything. If you followed the arrows on the signs they didn’t lead anywhere and often seemed to be pointing to different locations. People in my neighborhood who often seem to be in the know about what’s going on didn’t seem to know what the signs were all about either. I finally just wrote it off as someone’s elaborate joke. Though it seems crazy to me that someone would spend the money to get these signs professionally printed and then take the time to hang them up just for fun.

Fast forward to this weekend. Most of the signs are gone now or have been tagged over, but then these flyers appeared on some lamp posts.


Now I’m even more curious. What in the world? It still makes me think someone is just doing this for kicks because the sign still doesn’t give any information about what the Hampden Beach is. If it’s some elaborate guerrilla marketing campaign I’m thinking next summer is a bit of a long game, but what do I know? Whatever it is all about I’m both amused and curious.

Also it just makes me love my neighborhood more. As my husband pointed out as we looking at this sign walking home from getting ice cream the other night, nothing like this would happen if we lived in the boring suburbs. So carry on mysterious Hampden Beach Co. Carry on.

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