Something There is New

Perhaps you have heard the new Paul McCartney song New, which was just released yesterday. (By the way Paul way to come up with a song title with some really lousy SEO). If you haven’t heard it yet, stop and have a listen.

I like it. It’s happy sounding. It’s Beatles-like. That however is not what I’m here to talk about. In the 24 hours since I first heard it I’ve been trying to figure out what song it reminds me of particularly in the chorus. It was driving me a little bit insane that I couldn’t figure it out. I was thinking kids song, maybe something from a musical, maybe a Disney movie? I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Then enlightenment! I figured it out. Hurrah! It’s totally the song Something There from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. It’s obviously not the same song at all, but there’s something in the beat and tonal changes in parts of those two songs that sound the same to me.

Take a listen. Go back to the Paul McCartney song and start at 0:14. Doesn’t that line or two remind you of this song (I tried to set it to start at the 1:21 mark but I’m not sure it’s working)? Do you hear it too or am I just a crackpot?

2 thoughts on “Something There is New

  1. Totally hear it. I was thinking the same thing, then did a google search which brought me to your page. Was driving me crazy trying to figure out the song it reminded me of. Thanks for making me feel sane again!

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