Cards with Friends

My friend Katie decided to celebrate her birthday by having some friends over to play games for the afternoon. I wound up playing a game of Phase 10, which is a rummy type game but played with a special deck like Uno that includes Skips and Wild Cards. It reminds me a lot of a rummy game I have played with family since I was a little kid using just a regular deck of cards called Shanghai rummy.

My family is big into playing cards and it’s something I always do when I’m with them, but I don’t ever really get to play cards other than the few times per year that I see them. If they play anything usually my friends and my husband’s family play board games. I like board games too, but sometimes I miss just playing a game of cards. It would be fun to just sit around on a weekend night playing cards with my husband and a couple of friends or even just playing a game of cards with my husband, but that’s not something we ever do. My husband my doesn’t really like to play cards. He would rather sit around and play on his computer never mind that it’s not social at all.

Anyway, since I get to do it so rarely these days I appreciate whatever chance I get to play some cards. I need to make more friends that like to play cards.

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