Simple Pleasures for This Week

It’s been a long time since I’ve written up some simple pleasures on this here blog. Since some things are conspiring to annoy me at work today I’m going to try and remind myself that there are plenty of better things to focus on.

1. The beautiful weather (Even if it is too fall-like. Come back summer.)

2. The walk I got to take in the park this morning instead of at the gym because of the gorgeous weather.

3. The new doorstop my husband installed a few days ago. Our bathroom door swings out into the hallway. For years it was fine and would stay how you left it open until my husband applied some WD-40 to the hinges. Now it swings open and slams into the wall even if you leave it just a little ajar (thanks old non-level rowhouse). Now the new doorstop keeps the door from hitting the wall even if it won’t just stay slightly open anymore.

4. The new memory my husband installed in my computer (home repairs and computer repairs isn’t he handy?). Over the past I don’t know how long months at least my laptop has been slowly conspiring to drive me insane such that everything I tried to do on it would involve a slow as molasses build up before it would actually function properly. My husband bought some new RAM to put in it. One of the memory chips was wonky and kept making my computer crash so he took that out, but even with only 50% more RAM things are much improved and I no longer want to throw my computer out the window every time I’m using it.

5. Lauren Graham on the Nerdist podcast. Chris Hardwick has mentioned many times over the course of the Nerdist podcast that Lauren Graham was part of a group of people he used to hang out with in the late 90s/early 00s thus I was always wondering why he hadn’t had her as a guest on the podcast and was thinking it might never happen. Much to my delight she was finally on. The podcast went up yesterday and it served as the soundtrack for my walk in the park this morning. It was just as enjoyable as I had anticipated.

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