New Sofa and Love Seat

Tuesday afternoon our new couch and love seat were finally delivered. We got the old ones when my husband moved into our house about 8 and a half years ago. They were cheap and they were in pretty bad shape for awhile. The cats had left their mark. It’s not that either of them really scratches on them, but since they both still have claws and they run around them they snagged them a lot. The crazy one also has a tendency to kind of hang off of them or run up the backs and sides, which I’ve already yelled at her about with the new ones. Think I need to break out a water gun. In addition to the cat damage, the main problem was that there was pretty much no cushion left in the cushions and there hadn’t been for years.

This past Christmas I suggested to my husband that instead of trying to think of Christmas presents to buy each other we just forgo that and call new couches our present to each other. We started looking in January, but came away empty handed. Part of the problem was that I was interested in one of those rectangular sectionals (not the ones with the rounded corner). I had gone on a girls’ weekend last September and the condo we stayed in had one. I liked it and thought one would work well in the space we had. The other problem is that living in a little city rowhouse, we have a very specific space that sofas need to fit into. After we had pretty much exhausted Baltimore and the surrounding areas of all of their furniture stores and still hadn’t found anything that we liked that would fit in our space, Paul said you know I don’t really want a sectional. I was like WHAT!?!?!. That’s fine, but seriously you couldn’t have said that like 25 furniture stores ago.

We then got busy with life and didn’t make getting new furniture a priority. Then over Memorial Day weekend there was one day we didn’t have any plans so I told my husband we were going to go look at some furniture. Shofer’s, which is a store in Baltimore city was having a big sale with all furniture 50% off, no taxes, and free delivery. When we had looked there previously I had liked a sectional that was a design your own sofa. You could do it as any configuration of sectional, or a sofa or love seat with your choice of fabric, arms, legs, back, etc. Pretty much whatever you want. I actually liked style they had on the floor as the sectional model when were looking before so after looking at all 3 floors of furniture I said even though it’s more expensive we should get that as a sofa and love seat because I’ve been drawn to it twice and the sale will help not make it so outrageously expensive.

We pretty much went with the exact model that was on the floor save for getting it as a sofa and love seat set instead of as a sectional. I have no vision, so after looking through hundreds of fabric samples I wound up picking the exact fabric that was on the floor model. We’re still in the market for a new coffee table. We didn’t see anything we liked when we were looking that day and figured it was something we could pick up somewhere at another time. In the meantime our nice, new couches are hanging out with a beat up, cheap Target coffee table.

The other problem is that I don’t think our current paint color works with the colors of the couches, but I have no design sense and have no idea what color would be a good color to paint the walls instead. Last time I pulled a color out of the decorative throw pillows that came with our old couches and went with that. This time the throw pillows are the same material as the couches so that doesn’t help much.

Here is a poor picture of the new sofa and love seat. Probably not the best time to take a picture first thing in the morning when the sun is streaming in the window.

2013-08-02 07.45.20

Here’s a slightly better close up of the love seat. You can kind of see the paint color there, but it definitely looks more washed out here than it actually is. It’s really like an olive green, which i don’t think comes across well here.

2013-08-02 07.45.42

So people who have more design sense than I do, what do you think? Does the olive green work with the brown sofas or should we repaint? If so, what color scheme?

5 thoughts on “New Sofa and Love Seat

  1. I vote Palladian Blue. Pinterest has a bazillion pictures of it. Lowe’s will match a Benjamin Moore swatch and while there is a slight difference, you’ll never really know when it’s up.

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