The Charmery

Today is the grand opening of a new ice cream parlor in my neighborhood, The Charmery. It’s been a long time since Hampden has had a dedicated ice cream place. When I first moved here there was one, but shut down soon after. Thus, I was very excited to hear that this place was going to be opening this summer. It was built in a space formerly occupied by a pharmacy. If you watch the tv show Veep you will have seen it during season 1. It’s where they buy the pregnancy test for Selina. They filmed it after the pharmacy was closed but before the inventory was moved out.

2013-07-20 13.16.40

The space is obviously very different now. It’s now set up well like an ice cream parlor. There’s the ice cream case and the counter where you pay. There was a handful of tables to sit at as well as some cushioned window seats along both of the large windows. They have some typical ice cream flavors in addition to some very Maryland inspired ones. The one that keeps getting mentioned in the press I’m seeing about The Charmery is the Old Bay caramel. I tried it, but ultimately didn’t choose to get it for my cone. I thought it was a little too sweet, but think I’ll try it as a milkshake next time I’m there. Other Maryland inspired flavor include Berger Cookies and Cream and Lemon Stick. Berger cookies are a locally baked good that is a shortbreadish type cookie topped with a thick fudge frosting. It’s the frosting that really makes the cookie. Instead of cookies and cream with Oreos they’re doing it with Berger cookies. It’s not an unheard of thing around these parts. I have a pint of Berger cookie ice cream from Taharka Bros. in my freezer right now and have made it homemade as well. Lemon sticks are a Baltimore treat typically found at the Flower Mart festival in the spring though you can find them at other festivals as well. It’s a half a lemon with a peppermint stick in it. I have no idea what the ice cream tastes like, but it’s obviously based on this Baltimore festival staple.

I ultimately decided on the pistachio toffee ice cream. It was delicious.

2013-07-20 13.07.56

Welcome to the neighborhood, Charmery. I’m happy you’re here even if my waistline and my wallet might not be.

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