O’s Game in Support of Araminta Freedom Initiative

My church is involved with an organization called Araminta Freedom Initiative, whose goal is to end domestic minor sex trafficking in the Baltimore area. Last night they sponsored a fundraiser and awareness campaign at the Orioles game. If you went to the game last night you quite possibly saw someone wearing an Araminta t-shirt as there were 900 of us. I certainly saw a number of people wearing Araminta shirts that I didn’t know. They also had people handing out information in the area where people are walking to the game, so you might have had someone approach you with some information on your way in. I was going to post some stats on things they have accomplished in the past year, but seem to have lost the paper I had that listed that information.

2013-07-12 19.46.31

In addition to trying to help out a good cause the game itself was also a good time with friends. I am far from an actual baseball fan. I enjoy going to a game in person every once in awhile to enjoy sitting outside and eating bad-for-me ballpark food, but you would be hard pressed to find me actually sitting around watching a baseball game in any other capacity. It was a great night at the game though. Despite the fact that there was a steady rain all day long, the weather cleared up in time for the game. We got sprinkled on here and there, but it never got bad enough for me to even bother putting on the rain jacket I brought. The clouds kept it nice and cool so unlike other July games I’ve been to where it’s been stifling hot even at night, the weather was quite pleasant. It was floppy hat night for the first 20,000 people. My husband I managed to get there early enough to snag floppy hats, which was good since we missed out on the free t-shirts when we went for my birthday last month.

Cat in hat
Scout models my floppy hat for you.

As for the game itself the Orioles were playing the Blue Jays and won 8-5. They had 3 homeruns, so that was exciting. As I said I don’t care much about baseball, but it’s always fun when the home team wins. I’ll cheer for O’s as long as they’re not playing the Red Sox.

In addition to floppy hat night, there were also post game fireworks. They had them after the last game I went to as well. Last night’s theme was the 80s so they were set to 80s music. They have some interesting fireworks that I’ve not seen before going off at those games. I don’t think I recorded any of the really interesting ones, but here’s a short video of some of the ones from last night.


One thought on “O’s Game in Support of Araminta Freedom Initiative

  1. You’re so fast with your blog postings! I didn’t see any of the people giving out information but I did see a group of people in those shirts on the big screen and was wondering what that was all about – glad to know more! Now I better get to work on my post!

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