Two weeks ago the long awaited (at least by me) site launched. The site is brought to you by Tara Ariano and David T. Cole, who you may recall me mentioning in relation to their podcast Extra Hot Great. When they stopped recording the podcast they announced as their upcoming new project, and I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival for almost a year. They’ve also gotten the band back together as the site is also being run by Sarah D. Bunting, who Tara and Dave co-founded Television Without Pity with back in the day. I used to love that site and found many of the people whose writing I currently read across the internet via their recaps for TWOP. I still read recaps for Vampire Diaries there, but that’s about it. Most of the writers I loved have moved on to other ventures.

Speaking of writers. has pulled together an excellent stable of writers who if you follow people writing about television you have probably read before. In addition to Tara Ariano and Sarah D. Bunting some of the writers include former TWOP recappers Pamela Ribon and Joe Reid, who was also the third member of the Extra Hot Great podcast team. Also writing regularly for the site is Mark Blankenship, who I have written about previously on this blog. His participation is bittersweet because he has moved on from writing about music to participate in this venture (which I know because I asked him). As it is obviously a site about television, he won’t really be writing about music anymore. I have a ton of people who write about television that I enjoy reading, but I don’t have very many people I adore who write about music. His voice in this arena will be much missed at least by me. Oddly he didn’t base his life and career choices on the wishes of a random girl on the internet who tweets at him occasionally. The nerve, really.

The site itself is gorgeously designed by David T. Cole, though I don’t see it that often as I generally read it through my RSS reader (which reminds me I really need to adopt something to take the place of Google Reader pronto). There is a great mix of articles and features on the site that range from oddball recaps/reviews of shows to speculations and hypotheticals about all kinds of shows and everything in between. Even though the site has only been live for 2 weeks, they have been prepopulating it over the past year so there is already quite a bit of content there you can look through.

And in other good news they have also rumored the forthcoming existence of a site related podcast, which I can not wait for. I still miss having Extra Hot Great in my weekly podcast rotation.

It’s a great new site focused on television that isn’t doing quite what any other site out there is doing. If you like television like I do I highly recommend that you go check it out if you haven’t already.

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