Pop Song of Summer 2013 Round Two

You may recall that a few weeks ago I threw out a couple of songs that I thought were contenders for the pop song of summer 2013. All of these songs are still in contention I think, but I have two more songs I believe are entering the playing field.

First up we have the new song Get Lucky by Daft Punk. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this song has become inescapable over the past few weeks no matter where you get your music from. So we can already see that this song is in prime territory for pop song of the summer. It’s got massive crossover appeal. It’s peppy, and it is easy to sing along to. Not to mention it is feeding into what seems to be a current trend in music with 70s influences (see also Bruno Mars’ Treasure and Jamie Lidell’s Do Yourself a Faver [yes it is spelled faver not favor]).

Daft Punk in general is not for me. I like about maybe 10% of their music and that stands for this new album as well, which I listened to when iTunes was streaming it the week before the album release. Sorry Daft Punk I just can’t get into music that sounds like I’m stuck inside of a video game with people shooting at me. *pew* *pew* Get Lucky, however, is super catchy, and I love it. This song may just have what it takes to go the distance.

Our next entry is a real long shot at this point, but you never know when the dark horse will come from behind and win. Please welcome San Francisco by the Mowgli’s to the playing field. First off let me go on a sidebar and say that the biggest thing this song has going against it my opinion (which in the case holds no actual weight because have you seen the grammar in YouTube comments) is that ridiculous apostrophe in the band’s name. That is correct I did not typo an apostrophe back there. It really exists, and it drives me nuts. What are you possessive of Mowgli’s? Also it makes it impossible to write something like the Mowgli’s’ San Francisco when referring to the song because really that’s what I’m supposed to do? I can’t even. Ok, now that I have that out of my system back to why this song actually should be in consideration.

I got this song for free several months ago either from one of Amazon’s new artist samplers or from SXSW. I can’t remember which at this point. Perhaps even both. No matter. I immediately fell in love with it. The Californian band consists of eight members many of which sound like they’re singing along on this song, which makes it sound like something you too should be singing along with. It’s another one of those songs that makes me get up and kind of dance spin around while singing it. That’s always a good sign that you have summer pop song potential. Aside from the ridiculous apostrophe the real reason this song is a dark horse at this point is that I haven’t actually heard it on pop radio at this point. I’ve heard it on non-commercial radio and last week heard it on commercial radio for the first time which is why I felt like I could throw it in the ring. I did not hear it on one of the radio stations I consider pop radio stations though. Instead it was one of the more alternative/indie music stations. Even if it gets lots of play there it has no chance of being the pop song of the summer unless it takes over all the pop stations and becomes almost unavoidable. This song will need a breakthrough to get to that point, but it’s not even Memorial Day yet so there’s still time. No matter what it is still an excellent summer song.

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