Mad Men Madness

If you watch Mad Men then I assume you’ve seen Sunday night’s wackadoo episode. I pretty much felt like I was having a fever dream while watching it because that seemed to be the only explanation for what was happening on my screen, which felt totally unrelated to any other episode of Mad Men. My general impression of the entire episode was whuh? However, there are a couple of things in regard to the episode that are making me happy.

First of course is Ken Cosgrove tap dancing. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you should know that I am fond of the tap dancing. Out of all the craziness that happened in that episode that was the single most WTF moment for me, and of course I just liked the dancing too. I of course am not the only one who had that reaction as there are approximately one million gifs of that scene floating around the internet.


It’s harder to find the actual scene because obviously YouTube is pulling any of them that are uploaded. I found this. I make no promises for how long it will be up, so by the time you read this it may be a space containing a pulled down video.

If you watch Mad Men, you also know that the “Next Time on Mad Men” scenes that appear at the end of each episode make no sense and give nothing away at all about the next episode aside from which are some of the characters that are going to appear because Matthew Weiner is spoiler adverse to a ridiculous degree. At the end of the episode I tweeted “That episode of Mad Men was kind of like watching a whole hour of their “Next time on Mad Men”. #madmen”. After all these years that I’ve been on Twitter that is the first tweet I’ve ever had go kind of viral with tons of favorites and RTs. I don’t expect it to happen again any time soon. I’m generally not all that clever on Twitter or if I am the tweet is not attached to a hashtag that hundreds of people are monitoring. So that was kind of fun for a day. Now I’ll return to my regularly scheduled humdrum social media existence, which is fine too. I’ve never set out to be a social media star. If that was my goal I have failed miserably at Twitter, Facebook, and blogging. Luckily for me I do it all for my own enjoyment, and right now I’m having a good time. I hope you are too.

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