Sherwood Gardens

Sherwood Gardens is located in a Baltimore neighborhood called Guilford. It is the fancy, full of houses I could never even think about owning part of the city. According to the website

“Sherwood Gardens was created in the 1920’s by John W. Sherwood, local petroleum pioneer and conservationist. Begun as a hobby, and planted by Mr. Sherwood with tulips that he imported from the Netherlands, the gardens have become known as the most famous tulip garden in North America. They cover Stratford Green, one of the original parks laid out by the Olmsted Brothers for the enjoyment of the residents of Guilford, and several adjacent building lots purchased by Mr. Sherwood. His own house adjoined the gardens at 204 East Highfield Road.

When Mr. Sherwood died in 1965, he bequeathed sufficient funds to continue the gardens for one year. After that period, the Guilford Association purchased the additional lots from the Sherwood estate and took responsibility for its care.”

My friend Karen called me on Sunday and asked if I wanted to take a walk over to the gardens because the tulips should be blooming. They in fact are at peak bloom right now, so if you live in Baltimore and want to see the tulips I would get over there in the next few days. This is one of the best years I’ve seen. Many years it seems that all the beds don’t bloom in sync so half of them will be losing their petals while the other half are just starting to bloom. This year aside from 3 or 4 beds all the flowers seem to be in full bloom right now, so it’s a gorgeous site to see. You can check out my pictures from the day below. The little dog in them is my friend Karen’s dog Guapo.

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