The (Im)Perfect Sunny Day Driving Song

Spring has finally sprung in Baltimore. Well if you want to get technical we seem to have bypassed spring and jumped right from winter to summer as is too often the case around these parts. At any rate the rise of warm weather always makes me want to drive around with the windows down. To set the mood requires the appropriate driving around with the windows down music. What that music happens to be can change on any given day. Sometimes it’s upbeat and hip hoppy, a lot of times its upbeat and country because country music always seems much more relevant when it’s hot outside, and sometimes it’s kind of chill.

One song that fits the latter category that has been one of my favorite go-to driving songs over the past couple of years is Amos Lee’s Windows Are Rolled Down. Yes, I know it’s probably a little too on the nose at least title wise anyway. The music provides the perfect folky, chill atmosphere that reminds me of a long road trip. I don’t really take many road trips these days but I miss them sometimes. Now even when I do I’m with my husband and we tend to listen to audio books and podcasts as opposed to music because we don’t so much agree on that. He’s totally ruining my road trip mojo. However, if I was making myself a road trip playlist this song would definitely be on it. The song of course is really imperfect though because it’s actually a horribly depressing song if you listen to the lyrics. I choose to ignore them though and focus on the music and the “windows are rolled down” part of the song, so only in my head it becomes the perfect sunny day driving song.

4 thoughts on “The (Im)Perfect Sunny Day Driving Song

  1. Mine is “Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues” by the Eels. And I swear it has nothing to do with the movie Roadtrip. I remember driving through the park with the windows down, blasting this. I also now have a spouse who hates my music and so we always end up listening to WYPR.

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