My friend Kristen turns 30 today and last night her husband and her sister organized a surprise party for her. It was kind of a reverse surprise party from what I’ve ever been involved with in that instead of getting her out of the house to a party somewhere else or getting her out of the house to then return to the party the party came to her instead. Most of the party attendees met up at the elementary school playground around the corner from their house and then all showed up at their door to yell surprise and get the party started. I was one of the appointed drop by early guests.

Kristen had invited me out earlier in the week and then texted me yesterday to let me know the plans. I texted back that I actually wound up making other plans but I wanted to drop by a present for her on my way by. So my husband and I went over to ostensibly drop off a present while carrying the food and beer we were bringing to the party which we were supposedly taking with us to our other friends’ house. My food contribution to the party was these 30 cookies.

2013-04-06 11.54.13

It was a fun night hanging with friends and playing with a couple of crazy almost 3 year olds. They are rather hysterical. Sadly both of their families will be moving away this summer, so I’ll have to enjoy their fun while I still can.





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