The One Where My Friends Move Closer to Me

This is a bit delayed since I found this information out last Thursday but the happiness remains so I thought I would write about it. One of my best friends from college let me know that she will at least temporarily be moving much closer to me. She is going to be attending grad school at George Mason starting in the fall, which means she, her husband, and their newborn daughter will be moving to the DC area. That means she’ll be only about an hour or so away from me. Currently she lives in Augusta, Georgia. Let me tell you there is no good way to get to Augusta meaning I only managed to visit once while they were there, so this is very happy news indeed.

I know that the move is only for a couple years since as soon as she is done with school they’ll be moving to New York for her to teach at West Point. Of course West Point is actually a reasonable driving distance from Baltimore, so I will hopefully still get to see her more often than I did while she was in Augusta. If nothing else it will be fun having her around for the next few years and also getting to share in the first few years of her daughter’s life in person rather than just through online photos.

Granted I was excited when one of my other college friends moved to the DC area and I have seen her only twice since she arrived, and we also see other DC area friends rarely at best so perhaps my excitement is misguided. Or perhaps I just need to make a more concerted effort to go south and see friends in that direction. Now that many of my Baltimore friends have left the city and moved out to the ‘burbs of the ‘burbs north of Baltimore they’re not that much closer than DC and yet I see them much more frequently. So you know, stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of this adventure to see if I actually do see my friend any more frequently once she is living in such close proximity.

(Also please do not play a drinking game in which you drink every time I use the word so in this post as it may cause you bodily harm. Let’s just say I’m aware of the problem and don’t feel like fixing it. This is why I don’t get paid to write things.)

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