New glasses

Sometime late last fall in either October or November (I can’t remember now) I dropped my glasses on my tile bathroom floor and they busted just a little bit at one of the hinges. They weren’t so broken that I could no longer wear them, but they were broken enough that they were annoying to wear. The stem on the left side of the glasses no longer fit snuggly against my face so any time I leaned over they would dangle off my face. Trust me you have no idea how much you lean over until your glasses are constantly hanging off your face every time you do.

Despite the annoyingness of wearing them I kept putting off replacing them because I had just been to the eye doctor shortly before breaking them and knew I didn’t really need an upgraded prescription in them, and glasses are insanely expensive to replace if you’re doing it right. Since I wear my glasses essentially all the time I don’t like to cheap out. Plus my eyesight is horrible so I always have to pay for the super expensive lenses so that I don’t look like I’m wearing Coke bottle glasses.

I finally bit the bullet the other week and walked up the street to my optometrist’s office to pick out some new glasses because I was starting to go slightly insane wearing my old ones. I picked up the new ones this past Saturday and life is once again good again. Here are my new glasses with their case, which I only point out because if you look closely you can see that they match. My frames are Vera Bradley frames and apparently this is a thing with Vera Bradley glasses. I couldn’t care less. I pretty much never use the cases I have for my glasses anyway, but the woman working at the office informed me of this fact as a huge selling point for these particular frames telling me a lot of people buy Vera Bradley frames just for the matching case. I am about as far away from being the kind of person that would do that as possible, but now I’m amused by it.

2013-03-21 10.13.23


And here I am actually wearing my new glasses. Not the best picture ever, but this is what you get when you try and take pictures of yourself using Photo Booth on your Mac. Trust me this is the best of a lot of really awful ones. Photo on 2013-03-21 at 10.12 #2

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