I Made This Playlist Happen

Yesterday, WXPN, The University of Pennsylvania radio station, which I listen to all the time streaming at work posted on their Facebook page soliciting people to submit the songs they never get tired of listening to for their 5 at 5 segment. As I was looking through people’s suggestions I thought this would make a really fantastic Spotify playlist. I mentioned that on Twitter and whoever was manning the Twitterfeed at WXPN agreed and said they were going to make it happen. Cut to a few hours later and they had a Spotify playlist seeded with about 50 or so of the suggestions people gave and then put the link of up on their Facebook, Twitter, and website asking people to continue to contribute to it. Only a handful of people have added additional songs at this point, but the whole thing makes me furiously happy. If I get time I might go back through and add some more of the suggestions people made in Facebook to the playlist. As it is now, it’s a great mix of old and new favorites plus a few songs I had never heard before but am already in love with like Rory Sullivan’s “Out of Here”.

In case you were wondering my contribution to the playlist was Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”. I love that song to the very core of my soul. Feel free to add your own suggestion to the playlist if you’re on Spotify (you should join if you’re not) or add your suggestion in the comments and I’ll add it for you.


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