Best Snow Day Ever

Ahahaha! Thank you Baltimore meteorologists for being so incompetent at your jobs. I work at a university, which means that when it snows I tend to get off work because the schools I work for close. The past two winters have been very mild in Baltimore. I don’t recall getting any snow days last year, and this year we had one delayed start which I missed because I was in Seattle for a conference. As we entered March I pretty much assumed my chance for a free day off of work for snow was gone. Then they started predicting what my husband hashtagged #snowpossible earlier this week. They should have left it at that, but didn’t. I tried not to get my hopes up about getting off work today because I know how Maryland weather works. We always sit on that rain/snow line and often fall on the wrong side of it when it comes to getting snow.

Baltimore despite seeing snow pretty much every winter and often times large quantities of it manages to freak out when the word snow is even mentioned in a forecast. I have had some days in the past where I have gotten off work for snow that I thought were ridiculous, though I will never complain about a day off. Today however takes the cake. This my friends is the blizzard that kept me home today.

My street at 2:30 this afternoon.
My street at 2:30 this afternoon.

Does that look like the 8-10 inches of snow they were predicting when I woke up this morning? No? How about 3-6 inches which was the original forecast for the city and then the reduced forecast after it was obvious 8-10 inches wasn’t going to happen? Eventually they downgraded it even farther but still said once it gets colder tonight we would get some snow. Now I just saw that the winter storm warning has been completely canceled, so I suppose that means no snow at all. There are some places north and west of the city that did get some snow, but the fact that everything in the Baltimore metro area closed on the predictions of what was a non-existent storm in most of the area cracks me up. I essentially got off work today because it rained, and not even a hard rain at that. I walked to my dentist appointment this afternoon and didn’t even have to use an umbrella.

I can’t stop laughing about this. Ah, Baltimoreans your inclination to freak out about even the mention of snow will never fail to amuse me, but I certainly thank you for the “snow day”.

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