Polar Bears and Babies

I’ve previously mentioned on this blog how much I love polar bears. As such I have wanted for years to go on a trip to Churchill, Manitoba where you can go see polar bears in their wild habitat. Last night we were out with a bunch of friends for a friend’s birthday, and I started talking about going to Utah this spring to finish off my quest to get to all 50 states. Then offhandedly said after that I need to convince Paul to take me on my polar bear vacation. At the time I was talking to my friend Alison and the guy she has been dating. Little did I know that he in fact had just taken that very trip this past November. He regaled me with its wonders and furthered my desire to go. Now I just need to get my husband on board with this plan. My husband’s comment was that he’ll just take me on a trip to whatever European country winds up with a polar bear cub at their zoo next, since there seems to have been a number of those over the past few years. Though my pleas to take a trip to go see one of them never panned out. Then last night after we got home we turned on the news and lo and behold one of the stories was about this polar bear cub born at the Buffalo zoo. Now my husband says he’ll just take me to Buffalo. I say we do both!

AHH! He’s so cute!


Today was less about baby polar bears and more about human babies. We met our friends Kevin and Tracie and their 2.5 month old baby Abby for brunch today. We haven’t seen them much since she was born so it was great to catch up with them and to get some baby snuggles from a cutie pie baby.

And in other happy baby news my friends Jenny gave birth to a son today. It’s been a long, heartbreaking, and hard fought road for this day to happen and I am just so very happy for her and her husband. I know they’re going to be amazing parents. I can’t wait to meet the new little man in their life.

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