Mini Corn Dog Muffins

I needed an appetizer for tonight, so it needed to either be something I could make the night before or something I could make rather quickly after work. After much searching through the internets for something I thought looked tasty and feasible based on my criteria I settled on making mini corn dog muffins. There’s a number of different recipes for these out there. I wound up using this one. This particular one makes a semi-sweet cornbread, though it’s still less sweet tasting than actual store bought corndogs. I know some people are highly offended by sweet cornbread, so if you are one of those people skip this recipe and go find one of the ones that doesn’t use sugar in it.

The muffins were easy to make and quite delicious. If you’re looking for something quick but homemade to take to a party these are definitely a good choice. You’re certainly not going to impress anyone with your amazing culinary skills by bringing these, but really sometimes all anyone wants is something tasty like a mini corn dog muffin.

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