Songs I’m Enjoying Right Now (in Playlist Form)

I used to love making mix tapes when I was younger. In addition to making mix tapes for myself I loved making them for friends. I seriously used to dream about a way to just get the singles I wanted on a particular cassette tape in just the order I wanted. It used to take a lot of work to make mix tapes and unless you had unlimited money to buy every song you wanted or were lucky enough to catch it at just the right time to tape off the radio you were out of luck. Today it’s so easy it almost isn’t even fun anymore. It no longer feels that special to say hey I spent all this time making this thing for you when it can be as easy as just a click of a few buttons. Obviously if you want to make a special playlist for someone there is the thought that goes into it, but somehow that just doesn’t hold the same appeal for me. Thus I rarely spend my time curating playlists for myself or anyone else.

Yesterday though I was listening to WXPN at work as I often do and they played Marshall Crenshaw’s Someday, Someway. I tweeted that it is impossible to not be happy while listening to that song because it’s true. Then today I randomly came across a short list of songs I had created as the start of a playlist of other songs that reminded me of that song. The playlist is obviously no longer just songs that remind me of Someday, Someway. However, I used that to form the core of this playlist and built out from there including other songs that are currently making me happy for one reason or another. I played around a lot with the order, and I’m still not sure I got it quite right, but I built out from the 4 core songs (Someday, Someway, Wonder of Love, Cry Love, and Private Conversation) going what I felt like was more folk and country in one direction and then more pop/rock in the other direction.

At any rate I hope it will keep you entertained for an hour as it is me.

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