Sun, Sun Mr. Golden Sun

It is amazing what a little sunshine can do for the soul. It has been so gray and gloomy in Baltimore over the last several weeks leaving me feeling depressed for no good reason. I can’t even imagine living in one of those countries or states (hi Alaska!) where there is little to no sunlight this time of year. I think I would be certifiably insane.

I woke up anticipating that today was going to be a crappy day. First off it’s Monday, so that’s never a good thing with the beginning of a long work week and all that. Second I slept horribly last night, so I’m tired. Despite these things when I walked outside this morning the sun was shining (though it was still cold) and the birds were chirping. My mood was brightened immediately. It’s now many hours later and I’m still feeling pretty good about today. I completely credit the sunshine coming through my office window.

I have also been noticing that the daylight hours are getting longer. Now when I drive home from the gym around 6 each night there is still just the faintest whisper of sunlight hanging on. Technically the sun is setting shortly before I leave the gym, but it is no longer pitch black out. It’s giving me hope until the blessed day when we transition to daylight savings time in a few weeks. Until then I enjoy whatever little bit of sunshine the weather gods want to throw my way.

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