Pizza Flavored Goldfish Crackers

I had a totally bazoo day at work today, and I’m really exhausted. I didn’t really feel like taking the time to write this post before bed, but I’m nothing if not dedicated to writing this blog. So here goes. We don’t generally keep snack food in our house, but for some reason my husband came home from the grocery the other day with a bag of pizza flavored goldfish crackers for me. Pizza flavored are my favorite goldfish. Tonight was my evening shift on the reference desk at work this week. A lot of times I either pack myself an extra special treat in my dinner or buy something from the vending machine as a treat to eat during my night at work. However, I gave up sweets for Lent so my normal treats were a no go. Not that tonight’s crazy shift would have even allowed me time to walk to the vending machine and buy something anyway. Happily I was smart enough to pack myself some of the pizza goldfish for a little snack. They were the bright point of my nutty evening. Now good night.

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