Depositing Checks via Phone

I love living in the future. The fact that I can now deposit checks into my checking account via my cell phone is the best thing ever. My bank isn’t super far away it’s just out of the way of where I normally drive. It’s not on my way to anywhere so in the past if I needed to deposit checks I would have to make a special trip to do it. Let’s face it I’m lazy, so lots of times it would take me forever to actually go deposit the checks. My bank finally started doing check deposit via their smartphone app. I just tried it for the first time tonight. I did run into a few issues getting it done, but it was still way better than having to drive to the bank to do it. Plus now that I’ve done it a couple times hopefully it will go smoother in the future.

Plus I have to love my friends. One check I deposited was from my friend Emma paying me for the basketball ticket to the Wake/Maryland game we went to a couple weeks ago. The memo line for that one read “Go Deacs!”. One of the other checks I was depositing was from my friend Lindsey for a concert ticket to see Milo Greene and STARS, which we’re going to in a couple weeks. The memo line for that one said “Fun!!”. Those checks definitely gave me a smile while I was depositing them and not just because it meant money going into my account.

3 thoughts on “Depositing Checks via Phone

    1. The app has a function for depositing checks. You enter the amount, then you take a picture of the front and back of the signed check with the camera on the phone. Then you’re supposed to write mobile deposit and the date on the front of the check and hold onto it for 5 days to make sure it clears. After that you’re supposed to destroy it.

  1. My bank has been doing that for a few months now and it is the best. Previously, I had to mail the checks in, so now I get the money way faster and don’t have to worry about checks being lost in the mail.

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