In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins

I have been contemplating a post about Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight ever since I watched the pilot episode of The Americans a few weeks ago. Everyone was talking about the use of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk over the beginning and end of that episode, but the use of In the Air Tonight was much better in my opinion. It’s a song that gets used much more for these kinds of things though, so I guess that’s why Tusk stood out so much to other people. I hadn’t gotten around to writing it about it for whatever reason and now I know why. I was meant to hold off writing this until today because as I found out via someone on Twitter this morning today is apparently Phil Collins’ Day. Who knew? How could I resist writing out this song now on Phil Collins’ Day?

In the Air Tonight is fantastic song. It is incredibly dramatic and haunting. From the opening chord it and throughout the song it just gives off an air of creepiness almost of something chasing you with that steady drum beat until it explodes in what is hands down the best drum sound in a song ever at the 3:16 mark. It only last for 2 seconds but it is what really what makes this a killer song. I defy you to name me a better drum track in a song.

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