New Book Review Blog

Back in 2004 I started a blog on LiveJournal, which eventually devolved into essentially nothing but restaurant and book reviews and finally nothing but book reviews. Eventually I decided to start blogging about more personal things again and this blog was born. I liked having my separate book review  blog but decided it really didn’t make any sense to keep it in the space it was sitting anymore. Instead I have reinvigorated it, given it a new name, and moved all the book review content onto WordPress where it can live along side this blog. Those of you who actually visit this blog on its site and not through an RSS reader may already have noticed the new menu link along the top, which will take you to my new book blog, Around the Year in 100 Books. You can now visit me there at to keep up with what I’m reading and to find out if I will indeed be able to read 100 books this year. We won’t talk about how long it took me to find a WordPress address about books or reading that wasn’t already taken.

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