Sick Day Musings

Hey you know what’s super fun, achy stuffed up sinuses that make it feel like someone punched you in the face plus body aches. Oh no wait, that’s not what is making me happy today. At least I don’t have a fever I guess. I’m nothing if not dedicated though so here are some things I’m appreciating on this sick day.

1. Paid sick leave – I am lucky enough to have paid sick leave at my job unlike a large number of people in this country. When I woke up feeling crappy this morning I didn’t have to second guess whether or not I should drag myself into work because I couldn’t afford to take a day off. Instead I got to call out then roll over and go back to bed without another thought. I can also count the fact that I don’t have any kids to the section as I know my many mom friends can attest you don’t get sick days when you’re a mom.

2. Puffs Plus – My husband always buys Kleenex for some reason, but I have always been a Puffs girl. I generally don’t have to blow my nose that much so I just went along with it. After getting sick twice in a row and using crappy original Kleenex I asked my husband to buy some tissues with lotion. He came back with the Kleenex version. Let me tell you they are still not as good as Puffs Plus. Kleenex are too flimsy in either version. I happily thought to buy some Puffs Plus to have on hand at the end of my last cold, so now that I’m sick again a mere few weeks later I was prepared with the tissues of my choice.

3. Netflix Streaming and DVRs – Thank goodness for Netflix Streaming and DVRs. When you don’t have the energy to do anything more than lie around and watch television its great to have a plethora of things you want to watch instead of having to rely on whatever crappy shows play on tv during the daytime, which from the few things I saw seems to be mostly awful courtroom shows. Instead, I got to catch up with all the tv shows on DVR that I hadn’t had time to watch yet this week plus watch more One Tree Hill.

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