The Cure

When it comes to The Cure I’m a bit of a young ‘un given that I was born the year before their first album was released. I feel like I fell in love with them as soon as was realistically possible though, which was with their release of the album Disintegration when I was 11 years old. More specifically the first song by The Cure I can ever remember loving is “Lovesong”.  Remember back when the M in MTV stood for music and they actually played music videos (yeah I’m old–I feel like that is my generation’s I walked up hill to school barefoot both ways). I must have watched the video for “Lovesong” a thousand times. Ah silly 11 year old me being all moony for gothy Robert Smith.

I have been inspired to listen to a bunch of The Cure again lately thanks to my current obsession with old episodes of One Tree Hill. The Cure is the favorite band of one of the characters on the show, so their music or references to them appear on the show rather frequently at least up until the point I’m at now. Though I’m 99% positive they kill off this character in the episode I’m about to watch next, which I’m bitter about by the way but this post isn’t about that so moving on.

As I was saying I’ve been on kind of a Cure kick lately, so it only seemed appropriate to write about them here and take a stroll down memory lane to back when I learned that a band called The Cure existed. Though I don’t even suspect that they would put on the kind of concert that I really like, I’m still sad that I suspect I will never get to see them live. The band always seems to be in some sort of flux these days and I can never tell if they’re actually together or who’s in the band or if they’re working on anything. They haven’t really played in the US outside of a couple dates in New York and LA since 2008. Though I do see that they just announced a South American tour, so maybe that means they’ll eventually hit North America too? I can only hope. I never thought I would get to see The Police live, since you know, for most of my existence they weren’t even together and that happened a few years ago so never say never I guess.

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