Sad Sad City by Ghostland Observatory

It’s a cold, gloomy Tuesday here in Baltimore (see this is why I hate February), and I am bored at work. I was trying to figure out what I was going to write about for today’s beat the February gloom what’s making me happy post and wasn’t coming up with anything too inspiring. I suppose I could wait until later in the day to see if anything super happy making happens, but I have time to write something now and don’t want to put it off. Much of the rest of Baltimore is super excited by the parade celebrating the Ravens Superbowl win, but I don’t care enough about football or the Ravens to be standing out in the cold and the crowds to watch that. I’m not even inspired enough to watch it online, which apparently I could be doing as I write this.

So what to do, what to do? If you know me at all at this point your immediate answer should be of course she’s about to write something about music and right you are. Of course the title of the post kind of gave that away, so if you got that wrong double shame on you.

Today’s music choice is fitting because I first became aware of the song Sad Sad City by Ghostland Observatory about a month ago when it was used to great effect in a preview for the return of White Collar on USA and Tuesday is the night my TV boyfriend Matt Bomer stars in that show. Seriously kudos to whoever designed that entire preview because it really is one of the best television promos I can recall seeing.The song works perfectly in the promo. The hook in it is fantastic and immediately, well, hooked me in.

Thanks to the glorious fact that I live in the time of the internet age I was easily able to do some searching online to find out what the song actually was. How awful was it when you could hear things and never be able to find out what they were. I still have this haunting memory of a song I heard repeatedly during a trip my family took to England back in the early 90s that obviously never made its way over to the US and which I have never been able to find since despite trying to use the wonders of the internet to figure out what it might have been. Thankfully I no longer live in that time and was easily able to figure out that the song I was looking for this time was Sad Sad City by Ghostland Observatory.

Here’s the White Collar promo that uses the song

And here’s the song itself.

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