Ravens Win the Superbowl!!!!!

Hey look at that. At least one of the sports related events I attended this weekend turned out the way I wanted. It does kind of amuse me that the major activities of my weekend revolved around various sportsball games as I’m really not much of a sports person. I did meet with one of my book clubs to discuss Slaughterhouse-Five in the hours preceding the Superbowl though, so I suspect that gains me back some of my nerd cred.

I’m not really a football fan and happily married someone who doesn’t really watch it either. However, I do generally wind up watching the Superbowl because of the social nature of it. I was happy that my hometown Ravens made it to the big game, but I can honestly say that was the first football game I’ve watched all season. And I did in fact watch the game last night. I do at least know mostly what is going on in a football game. I went to high school in Texas where Friday nights are devoted to high school football, so I at least learned how the game was played so I can follow a game on the rare occasion I happen to watch one.

It was one of the more interesting Superbowl games I can recall watching. Too many times they seem to wind up being boring blowouts. I was happier when it looked like the Ravens were going to blowout the 49ers prior to the blackout, but it definitely made the game more interesting to watch once it got closer. There were also some interesting plays including Jacoby Jones’ 109 yard touchdown, the fake field goal attempt (even though it ultimately didn’t work), and the Ravens decision to let the 49ers score a safety in the last few seconds of the game.

Our friends’ Paul and Natalie hosted a Superbowl party at their apartment. There was a ton of tasty food including jambalaya, fried cheese curds, beignets, egg rolls, wings, and many tasty desserts including the Brandy Apple Chai cake I brought. It was yet another tasty selection from my Booze Cakes cookbook.

2013-02-03 09.16.22

Though the party was missing the signature giant tub of cheese balls that normally resides on the corner of the table at their parties. I think I was not the only one surprised and saddened by their absence.

The party was mostly composed of librarians, so there was lots of screaming and shouting no as we all watched the destruction of the library in this Oreo commercial.

The party was so big and loud that we couldn’t actually ever hear any of the commercials, so I will say that I found that commercial way more amusing to watch last night with shouting librarians providing the commentary than I did this morning now that I actually could hear what the commercial was about. Now I just think it’s kind of dumb.

Baltimore was of course beside itself over the Ravens win. As soon as you walked outside you could just hear a roar of people celebrating all over the place. That of course was in addition to all the fireworks and car horns. Luckily I don’t live in a neighborhood where celebratory gun fire is the norm (because people are dumb enough to think shooting a bullet into the air is safe), but I’m sure that was going on in some parts of the city as well. There is some crazy pictures from some neighborhoods that are the major “going out” neighborhoods in the city where a large number of people had congregated at bars to watch the game. Though it’s not even close to what was happening in other areas of the city the main street in my neighborhood, which is just a block from my house was having it’s own bit of craziness. It made it rather difficult to get home as people were flooding the street and didn’t seem to care if cars were trying to drive through them.

382246_10151402184833605_731228789_nThe last time the Ravens won the Superbowl I had only been living in Baltimore a few months, didn’t really have any friends, and wound up working during the game. I’m happy to now really be able to celebrate a Ravens championship with good friends in a city I call my home.

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