Wake Forest v. Maryland Basketball Game

Yesterday I went to see Wake Forest play at Maryland. As an alum of Wake Forest, I love me some Wake Forest basketball. We will not talk about the actual game or Wake Forest’s current inability to actually play basketball here because that certainly is not making me happy. The only thing I can say about that abysmal loss that is making me happy is that it means we are one loss closer to Jeff Bzdelik getting fired as Wake’s coach. Worst coaching choice ever.

Despite the outcome it was still a good day. I got to go to the game with my friend Emma, who is a fellow Wake Forest alum. Even though she now also lives in Maryland this is only the second time we’ve managed to get together since she moved here. It was fun to hang out with her for a few hours, catch up, reminisce about our time at Wake, and make fun of the awful basketball going on on the court.

2013-02-02 15.04.59

Also, I just love going to college basketball games. It’s obviously more fun when it’s a home game for my team and when my team is winning, but it’s fun to be there anyway. It’s amusing to see what things students come up with to cheer on their team and being at a live sporting event is always better than watching it on tv no matter what.

I also amused myself by digging deep down into my t-shirt drawer and coming up with one of my Screamin’ Demon t-shirts. During my four years at Wake I was part of a group called the Screamin’ Demons. Back in  my day when Wake didn’t suck at basketball and in fact was rather good at it, it was really hard to get tickets to see a game unless you were a Screamin’ Demons. If you joined that group you were guaranteed a seat in a specific section as long you went to every game. We got a specific shirt to wear to the games each year. I decided to wear the shirt from my freshman year, which was the last year Tim Duncan played for Wake Forest. I thought his spirit might lend some good luck to the Wake team today. Sadly that did not work.

2013-02-02 10.49.20

Hopefully Wake and Maryland will play at Maryland again next year and I’ll get one last chance to see them play before stupid Maryland jumps ship from the ACC.

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