February: The Worst Month of the Year

I hate February. It is by far my least favorite month of the year. Thank goodness it is only 28 (or sometimes 29) days long. It means I don’t have to endure it for quite as long as normal months. February is the worst month because it is the coldest and gloomiest month. It is past the beginning of winter that features all the fun winter holidays and well into the point of winter where I can’t take it anymore. I’ve suffered through January already and am ready to get to spring already. Too bad stupid February is in the way. In the past I have tried to stick it to February by going on a warm weather vacation sometime during the month. That isn’t happening this year, so I shall have to find other ways to keep myself happy during this most horrid of months. As such I am hoping to post at least one thing on this blog each day during the month of February. I’m sure there is at least one happy-making thing I can find each day even during this gloomy, cold, awful month.

I am not the only person who thinks February is the worst month. Samantha Bee of Daily Show fame wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal a few years back detailing why she too finds February to be the cruelest month. It shall be the thing that is making me happy today.

3 thoughts on “February: The Worst Month of the Year

    1. Yes but that was really January 🙂 And don’t worry that’s my post for what’s making me happy tomorrow even though it’s kind of cheating.

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