Pitch Perfect

I finally watched the movie Pitch Perfect yesterday while I was on a flight home from Seattle. I had wanted to see the movie while it was in the theater, but the one chance I had to see a movie during that time period I wound up seeing The Perks of Being a Wallflower instead. I’ve been waiting for it to be available on DVD since then, so I was happy to have some time watch it on the long plane ride. As I had anticipated I found the movie to be utterly delightful. It certainly wasn’t perfect, but I loved it.

Honestly the movie could have just been 2 hours worth of them doing riff-offs like in this scene and I probably would have loved the movie.

There was obviously way more to the movie than just that though. And minor spoiler, even though I figured out very early on that Anna Kendrick’s character would wind up using “Don’t You Forget About Me” in their final competition song I still got the biggest grin on my face watching it when it happened. There were a bunch of times during the movie when I was just sitting there grinning like an idiot. So if this movie doesn’t qualify as something that deserves to be written about on this blog I’m not sure what does. Obviously this kind of movie isn’t for everyone, but if it seems like something you might like you probably will.

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