Watkins Family Hour Podcast

The Watkins Family Hour Podcast is a recording of the live Watkins Family Hour show put on by brother and sister Sara and Sean Watkins. If you are not familiar with them they play folk/bluegrass music. They once were 2/3 of the trio Nickel Creek. Now they both play solo or as parts of various other bands. They come together to do this show as their schedule allows. In addition to the two of them and the people playing in their band they have frequent guests including Fiona Apple and Jackson Browne.

Although I knew of this podcast’s existence awhile back thanks to Sara Watkins’ appearance on the Nerdist Podcast, for some reason I never bothered listening to it until now. The podcast is now being hosted by the Nerdist network so I saw on their blog when the newest episode went up, which reminded me that it was out there. I downloaded it and then saw that there were only 8 episodes total at this point averaging only about a half hour and decided I could easily listen to all of them.

If you enjoy folk/bluegrass music you will love this podcast. It features a lot of great music by fabulous artists. Episode 5 features a mashup of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and The Police’s Roxanne that is one of the most wonderful things I have ever heard. I highly recommend that you listen to it and the rest of the episodes.

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