Home Alone

Home Alone is a fantastic Christmas movie that is fun for all ages. It’s always nice to have a movie that everyone in the family can enjoy especially around the holidays, and Home Alone fits that bill perfectly. I remember when this movie was released in theaters. I was in middle school and it was practically impossible to get a ticket because it kept selling out. It was definitely the hit movie of that holiday season. It’s still a movie I love to watch. It’s got both humor and heart but never gets too treacly.

Whoever owns the copyright on Home Alone has YouTube locked down tight as it was almost impossible to find a clip of the movie on there. So sorry about the poor quality of this one, which I guess made it past the copyright police due to the fact that it was made by someone videorecording their tv. If you were reading this blog last year during this time you should know by now that I really like the melancholy side of Christmas, so one of my favorite parts of this movie is the scene where Kevin is talking to the old man in the church while a children’s choir sings O Holy Night, which is one of my favorite Christmas songs, in the background.

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