The Cabbage Patch Kids First Christmas

While we’re on the subject of Christmas movies from my childhood that make me nostalgic let’s talk about The Cabbage Patch Kids First Christmas. I was at the quintessential age for the perfect storm of the Cabbage Patch Kids craze. I think I had something like 6 of them before I either outgrew them or they went out of fashion. I also grew up in Georgia outside of Atlanta, so I made more than one trip to the actual birthplace of Cabbage Patch Kids. You could go and see them actually being born from the cabbage heads. Try not to be too jealous.

The Cabbage Patch Kids First Christmas was another 30 minute TV Christmas special. I don’t know if it aired on TV more than once, but we had a copy we recorded from TV to a VHS tape and I watched that any number of times as a kid. In the movie the Cabbage Patch Kids sneak off the cabbage patch into the big, bad city in search of the Christmas Spirit, which they think is some kind of person. While they’re there they befriend an orphan girl who thinks no one will want to adopt her because she’s different, and of course they’re also on the run from some bad guys.

Again I’m looking at this movie with completely nostalgic eyes, so I have no idea how good or bad it actually is. It just totally brings back my childhood to me so I love it no matter what.


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