Mariah Carey and Jimmy Fallon Sing All I Want for Christmas Is You

This video has been making the rounds all day, so chances are if you didn’t see it on TV last night you’ve probably already seen someone else post it. I just now had a few minutes to write about it though. I don’t really watch any late night shows. They are not my thing, but if I did I suspect I would watch Jimmy Fallon’s show. Based on the video clips coming out of it that I see posted on social media he seems to do a lot of fun stuff with music, and you know how I feel about music. Last night Jimmy Fallon, his house band The Roots, and Mariah Carey performed a version of her hit Christmas song, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on toy instruments. I apparently egregiously left this song off my list of favorite Christmas songs last year, so this post will hopefully redeem me on that count. Also, this performance helps redeem Mariah after the monstrosity that was last year’s version of this song where she performed it as a duet with Justin Beiber. If you never had the misfortune to see that and are wondering what I’m talking about I’ll let you look that up for yourself. I refuse to link to it. Enjoy this much more delightful version instead.

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