A Charlie Brown Christmas

I’ll start off this year’s 25 Days of Christmas theme of my favorite Christmas movies with a real classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas. (Note: I am not counting down these movies in any order. They’re just posting in the order I happen to write about them. There is no ranking going on here). This movie is always a great reminder to step out of the hustle and bustle and commercialism of Christmas to remember what it is actually all about. Plus the Vince Guaraldi soundtrack is wonderful and completely evokes Christmas for me every time I hear it. Sadly, A Charlie Brown Christmas has already aired on tv this year and I missed it. We won’t talk about how ridiculous I find it that a Christmas movie aired in November. At least it was after Thanksgiving I suppose. Anyway, I’m sure most people reading this blog have seen A Charlie Brown Christmas any number of times, but if it’s been awhile I recommend watching it again if you can.


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