25 Days of Christmas: Movies Edition

Last year in the 25 days leading up to Christmas I doled out one blog post a day detailing my favorite Christmas songs. I thought about doing that again this year. However, I realized that I although I could certainly come up with another list of 25 songs to post, last year I really exhausted my absolute favorites and the ones I actually had something to write about. Thus, I decided this years 25 Days of Christmas needed a new theme. After thinking about what that might be I settled on my favorite Christmas movies. This isn’t to say I won’t throw in a few bonus Christmas songs here and there or other Christmas related posts, but the actual daily posts will focus on movies.

All of the movies that I’m going to write about either are actual Christmas movies about Christmas related things like Santa or movies that remind of Christmas for some reason or another. I can already tell you a couple of movies that will not be appearing on my list that many of you will find horrifying. There will be no Christmas Story. I can’t stand that movie. I have never understood why everyone loves it so much. I just find it annoying. I will also not be including Scrooged, perhaps because I was too young to appreciate it as a small child when I first saw it and never got over that. Finally, there will be no Love Actually. Based on my small slice of the internet it seems like I am the only one who does not consider this to be their go-to Christmas movie these days. I saw it once when it first came out. Thought it was so-so and never thought of it again until a few years ago when social media informed me that everyone else adores it beyond belief. I thought about rewatching it just to see if there was something that I missed, but then there was a lengthy discussion of it on NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast this past week. Listening to that I realized I definitely remembered enough about the movie and it actually made me decide that I didn’t need to see it again. I’m just not as super excited about it as everyone else.

I cannot in any way guarantee the quality of the movies I will be writing about. Many of them are nostalgic favorites from my childhood. Some of them I haven’t even seen since I was a kid and my feelings about the ones I have seen as an adult are forever influenced by my childhood memories. Perhaps if I had seen some of them for the first time now I would be singing a different song. At any rate I hope you’ll indulge my trip down memory lane. Feel free to share your own favorites or try and convince me why I’m wrong about Love Actually.

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