Tights Every Librarian Should Love

Guys. I’m so excited about my new tights. I love fun tights as anyone who follows me on Twitter might have surmised from recent tweets of photos of my tights. I wanted to add to my collection since winter is here and tights weather has returned. I got it into my head that I wanted some kind of literary tights that had writing on them. I mean I’m a librarian, why wouldn’t I want tights with script on them. It took me awhile to even find any tights like this. Then I kept coming across photos of these particular tights that people had posted various places on the internet but not somewhere I could order them myself. Never fear though, I prevailed and found somewhere I could buy them from…in Israel. Ok, honestly I didn’t realize I was ordering something from Israel until the package came today, but still. Their arrival was completely serendipitous as well. I was already planning on wearing a black skirt with a grey sweater today. Though I was planning on wearing my black and grey argyle patterned tights with the outfit. My husband answered the door for the delivery right as I was getting dressed after my shower. It was perfect. Also for anyone asking, I have no idea what the writing actually says or what it’s from. It is written in English, but it’s obviously hard to read. The label for the tights had something to do with love, so I’m guessing it’s a love poem of some sort.

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