Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch

I am so in love with this Calvin Harris song featuring Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine. I told you it wouldn’t be long before Florence showed up on this blog again. I was not wrong. Florence is just as dreamy, trippy as ever and the beat that Calvin Harris is putting out in this song is fantastic. Mark Blankenship (who I have previously written about) provides a great write up of the song, so that is all I’m going to say about it because you can just go read his much better analysis.

FYI, the video is pretty violent. Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who is violence averse. If you are, you should still listen to the song, just don’t watch while you’re listening.

If you read Mark’s blog post you’ll see that Calvin Harris previously remixed Florence + the Machine’s song Spectrum, which I was not aware of until now. I looked it up out of curiosity. I definitely like the original better in this case, but here it is in case you’re curious too.

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