On the Fourth Anniversary of my Wedding

Four years ago today my husband and I got married. He’s still my favorite husband. I kid. I mean he still is my favorite, but he’s of course also my only. I know I am a lucky, lucky woman. I am married to a very thoughtful man who goes out of his way to take care of me. I’m pretty sure I get more than I give in this relationship. It’s a ratio I enjoy, but I will use this space to let everyone including my husband know that it does not go unnoticed. For example, just last week I was having a crappy day at work and it was late night working the reference desk. I complained via Twitter about having a headache and being mad at myself for forgetting to restock the Tylenol I carry in my purse. Without me even asking my husband drove to my office and dropped me off some Tylenol. What a sweetie. We have a great time together and he’s usually game to go along with my crazy schemes. I also can’t express how happy I am that he too does not care about football or baseball so I don’t have to spend every weekend plus at this point almost every other night of the week watching a bunch of sports I don’t care about. He may not be the perfect man, but he’s the perfect man for me. Happy anniversary Paul, I love you.

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