John Cusack Gives Peter Gabriel a BoomBox

It’s been awhile since I’ve just posted a random simple pleasure thing here, but here’s one for you. Apparently during a Peter Gabriel concert at The Hollywood Bowl, as he was starting to play “In Your Eyes”, John Cusack popped out onto the stage and handed him a boom box. Peter Gabriel then proceeded to hold it above his head as John did during that iconic scene in “Say Anything”. As I have previously mentioned, “In Your Eyes” is one of my favorite songs and that scene is one of my favorite scenes from a film ever. The fact that all these many years later John Cusack and Peter Gabriel are having fun with it makes me happy to no end. Cameron Crowe was also at the concert which makes it even more awesome. I only wish it had happened when I saw Peter Gabriel in concert a number of years ago. If the fact that this happened does not fill you with complete and utter joy, then I don’t think we can be friends.

2 thoughts on “John Cusack Gives Peter Gabriel a BoomBox

  1. I love that movie too. I remember my sister gave the video we had recorded it on to a boyfriend and I was so mad. Where’s my lloyd dobler ?

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